Sounds: Roo Panes


I often think of music in terms of a mood or situation it evokes, which means that my summers are often spent listening to upbeat but laid-back songs, whereas winters are given over to heavier sounds and styles. The summer of 2008 was devoted to Johnny Flynn’s first album, A Larum, which had just been released and which introduced me to a style of music that was later polished and disseminated to a much wider audience by Mumford & Sons. Roo Panes is a recent addition to this sound, tentatively entitled folk/pop. His songs are spare and imbued with a raw tenderness which is achingly beautiful and addictive, and his voice is like sand, both soft and abrasive. Much of his music reminds me of Laura Marling, both lyrics and melodies. My personal favourites at the moment are probably ‘Indigo Home’ and ‘Open Road’. I’m currently relying on Youtube to get my fix, I can’t wait until I can get hold of an actual record. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that he comes to play in Oxford soon…



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