Ambling in the sun

Last Saturday we went for a walk to the north of Oxford, through Port Meadow and on to Wytham Woods. It was a gorgeously warm, sunny day, and the meadow was packed, with everyone desperate to make the most of the beautiful weather.


The buttercups, hawthorn, and elderflower were out in force, and we even managed to catch the last of the bluebells!


It was just wonderful to get out of the city, and away from all the stresses of day-to-day life. The woods were so still and tranquil, the smells and sounds of nature so enthralling, I could have stayed there for hours. But it was time for lunch, so we headed back towards Wytham village.


We decided to stop for a quick drink at the White Hart pub in Wytham itself, and made a friend…


Then it was back to the Trout Inn in Wolvercote for a late lunch.


(That cloudy raspberry lemonade was divine. Nectar from the gods, I tell you.) Then for a leisurely walk home, via some swans…


…and some bunnies!


I’m so glad for that day, especially now the weather’s deteriorating again. It felt like a little slice of summer, to keep morale up until the real thing comes along. I can’t wait to go back – will definitely pick some elderflower next time, and have a go at making cordial… or wine…



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