“You have a taste of tempest on your lips – But where did you wander
All day in the harsh daydream of stone and sea”

–Odysseus Elytis, ‘Marina of the Rocks’


I’m Marina. I’m a writer, a student of literature and language. Also a night owl, and a homebody. I’m still finding my feet, at the ripe old age of 24. I live in Oxford, where I’m doing a PhD.

I set this blog up as my own little corner of the Internet, where I can document the things that give me joy, and vent about the things that don’t; as a room of my own. It’s a bit of a mixed bag: food, music, books, travelling, all with a healthy dose of feminism, and some sunshine thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy your wanderings on here, and thanks for visiting 🙂


“So long as you write what you wish to write, that is all that matters; and whether it matters for ages or only for hours, nobody can say.”
–Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own



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